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Event Funding

PURPOSE: A Bartlesville Convention & Visitors Bureau (BCVB) grant is to foster and assist in the promotion of meetings/events for Bartlesville that are designed to attract overnight visitors. Grant applicants must demonstrate economic impact through hotel room nights and sales tax generation.


a] Audience Development (Events/Festivals) funds will only be awarded for non-local promotions to generate visitors

b] Hosting/Hospitality (Athletic Tournaments) funds will only be awarded for hospitality and hosting needs

c] Sponsorships/Enticements (Meetings/Conventions) funds will be awarded for general sponsorships to entice groups to hold meetings in Bartlesville that would not otherwise be occurring in Bartlesville.

2] FUNDING CRITERIA: In awarding CVB Event Funds, greatest consideration will be given to projects, events, conferences, tournaments and conventions – hereinafter referred to as events – based on two primary criteria:

a] Economic Impact: Number of visitors from outside a 50-mile radius of Bartlesville and the number of lodging rooms generated in the Bartlesville tax collection area. An estimated total economic impact can be calculated by using $20 for day visitors and $90 for overnight visitors. Assistance calculating this formula is available through the BCVB staff.

Additional preference will be given to:

b] Multiple day events

c] First-time events

d] Events with sponsorships from other sources in the form of financial, in-kind, or human resources.

3] ELIGIBILITY: Individuals are ineligible, and ineligible events are those that give political gain to any organization, or personal or political gain to an individual, or those that have already been completed.

4] APPLICATION: The applicant organization must complete and submit a CVB Event Funding Application, description of how funds will be utilized, an event budget, event schedule, action plan with management and marketing plans and sponsorship recognition plan. Only completed applications will be considered for funding.

Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis (February 28, May 31, August 31 and November 30). Applications must be for events taking place at least one month following the application deadline.


a] Funding decisions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by events committee members of the Visitors Inc. Board of Directors.

b] The full amount of funding will be dispersed following completion of the event and when the evaluation report has been received and reviewed to the satisfaction of the CVB Executive Director.

c] Funding is contingent upon the event reasonably occurring as proposed and reasonably within the proposed time. The applicant must notify the CVB if significant changes are expected that would impact the event as proposed.


a] Bartlesville Convention & Visitors Bureau must be recognized as a sponsor, commensurate with the level of the award, in the event’s advertising or promotional materials.

b] The CVB evaluation form must be completed and returned no later than 30 days after the event, unless prior arrangements are made.

c] The CVB will put together a survey for your organization to send to your attendees after the event. You will be required to forward the survey to individuals attending the event/conference to receive feedback for the CVB

Download the Application Form Here.


For more information, please contact Maria Gus at .