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Bartlesville Area Round Up Club & Green Country Rodeo


U.S. Hwy 60 and CR 3007, Bartlesville, OK,
Bartlesville, OK 74003

(918) 327-0362
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Bartlesville Area Round Up Club & Green Country Rodeo
U.S. Hwy 60 and CR 3007, Bartlesville, OK,
Bartlesville, OK 74003
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Home of the Green Country Rodeo, every year! BRUC arena is located one mile west of Bartlesville on Highway 60. 
 Bartlesville rodeo named one of 10 best rodeos to go to in 48 states. Right in there with Pendleton, Reno, and Las Vegas. "A diamond in the rough"
 BRUC History:
 In 1941 several business men from Bartlesville bought sixty acres right outside of Bartlesville in Osage County. The money came from personal contributions and contributions form some corporations in the Bartlesville area. Some of these men were Mr. May (May Brothers), Mr. Roy Hughes (Car Dealer), Mr. Orson Webb, Mr. Coolie Vincent (Phillips Petroleum), Mr. Mort Murray, Mr. Clay Briggs (City Service), Mr. Gerald Nutter (druggist), and Mr. Orville Guinn (feed dealer).
The round-up club members were very active in local events such as parades, cavalcade, and roping's. In those days the club had approximately 97 members. Like now, the club hosted several roping's. The difference is, that in the early days, the cattle was only 25¢ per run.
The round-up club is very proud of their new arena built in 1990 and finished in 1991. The round-up club is also very proud they were able to build a new concession stand on the grounds in 1988. The original concession stand was in the back of a pickup truck. After that, the club had a few small porta-buildings that left a lot to be desired for a concession stand.
When the round-up club bought the land from Mr. Beumeler, it was stated that the land could never be sold as long as the grass grows, the water flows, and the wind blows…and there is at least one club member, there will always be a Bartlesville Round-Up Club.

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