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Waffles 2 Go

133 NE Washington

Welcome! Waffles2Go is pleased to announce our new shop in Bartlesville, OK. Our waffles are unique to this area and probably something you haven't tried before unless traveling through Belgium.

Our Authentic Belgian Pearl Sugar waffles are based on a 200 year old recipe originally created in Liege, Belgium. Unlike American style waffles made from a batter, our waffles are a yeast based dough. They are sweeter, richer, denser, and more filling. One is enough, you don't eat these by the stack!  
All dough is made from scratch in house on a daily basis by us. Not by an employee, but by us. Well, really it's all made by Jeff, but Karla is getting really good at supervising. LOL!
One of the keys to our authentic waffle is the pearl sugar made in Belgium from beet sugar. The unique "chunks" of the pearl sugar "caramelize" while we cook your waffle adding sweetness, texture and intense flavor. 
We invite you to visit our shop, order one of our delicious waffles and see for yourself. We think you will fall in love with them and be back for more. Keep in mind all orders are served to go, we don't sell online or by phone, nor do we have a drive-in window or a box to speak into!
But parking your vehicle and walking in and out of the shop will help you pre-burn some of the calories we might just have in our waffles!
Image of Waffles 2 Go.
Waffles 2 Go
133 NE Washington,
Bartlesville, OK 74006
Website: http://www.waffles2go.com/belgianwaffles
Hours: Thur, Fri, Sat 7am to 11am & 5pm to 8pm
Serving: Breakfast, Dinner