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Bruce Goff's Redeemer Lutheran Church Educational Building

3700 SE Woodland Road

“Creative Architecture” best describes the Redeemer Lutheran Church Education Building designed by well-known architect Bruce Goff. Goff designed the building to be bright, functional and appealing to children. The most outstanding feature of the building is the ears of glass cullet, which rise above the front corners of the building. The aquamarine hue of the glass cullet captivates the eye with its colorful beauty. Interspersed throughout the outer walls are the glass cullets set amongst the Ada stone. Large square windows set at angles form diamonds that flow with the design, allowing even the smallest child within an open view of the ever changing outside world. Stepping into the glass-cullet-walled vestibule, a twin staircase rises up on both sides framing a mosaic artwork designed and handcrafted by Goff. White, black and sea foam green squares set at angles makeup this unique design. The mosaic design is incorporated throughout the building. The second story opens into a small sanctuary surrounded by classrooms with green iron support rafters, which have octagonal cutouts. Most amazing is the two feet of glass that divides the ceiling from the wall allowing light to flow throughout the rooms making a spiritual connection between man and nature. Visitors can’t help but marvel at this creative display of combined natural art and architecture.

Image of Bruce Goff's Redeemer Lutheran Church Educational Building.
Bruce Goff's Redeemer Lutheran Church Educational Building
3700 SE Woodland Road,
Bartlesville, OK 74006
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