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Biplane Center Memorial Plaza

401 Wiley Post Rd

Biplane Center Memorial Plaza:  After the 1996 mid-air collision of two biplanes at the Biplane Expo that resulted in four fatalities, that included Annette Delahay and Rod Bogan, both of Bartlesville, and two high profile NBA (National Biplane Association) members, the Association conducted a capital campaign and developed a Memorial Plaza that included a memorial monolith, sculpture by Sandra Van Zandt, compass rose, etc.  A contribution of $500 or more to the campaign afforded the member/contributor the opportunity to memorialize a departed loved one on the monolith. The program was well received and successful.

The National Biplane Association held the Annual Biplane Expo at the Bartlesville Airport for 23 years during that time they brought in 2,500 biplanes, 7,500 non-biplanes and 75,000 people to Bartlesville.


In 2008 the leadership of the National Biplane Association saw the writing on the wall. Aircraft and public attendance was declining, the biplane pilots were aging, our volunteer base was aging, and the NBA board made the decision to conduct the Grand Finale in 2009. The Grand Finale was a huge success and no one wanted it to end — of course!


During the spring and summer of 2010 the association constructed a new and upgraded monolith as well as a compass rose at the circle drive at the Bartlesville airport terminal. The original sculpture and benches were relocated to that site and a couple of information plaques were added to the complex.

The NBA concluded all financial activity and filed their final tax returns/reports effective 12/31/2013. The organization has been dissolved.


The purpose of the Memorial Plaza is to provide a proper facility to memorialize departed members of the biplane fraternity.

Image of Biplane Center Memorial Plaza.
Biplane Center Memorial Plaza
401 Wiley Post Rd,
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Bartlesville Airport
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