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Big cultural experience awaits this weekend - Delaware Pow Wow!

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Have you ever been to a pow wow?

Even those of us that grew up in Oklahoma sometimes miss these amazing cultural events. What are they? Can we go if we're not Native American? Does it cost money? Lots of questions - even for those of us who are from the area.

The Delaware Pow wow is celebrating 50 years this year and yes, you can go! It's free to attend and there are lots of food and craft vendors. It's always good to find someone that has been before, just to show you the ropes, but even if you don't know anyone - it's likely you will before you leave the event.

Beautiful dancing and regalia can be found at a Pow wow. Plus a rich cultural experience where you can't help but feel the warmth of the spirit of the event.

We hope you will think about attending this year. If you have any questions please call the Delaware Tribal Headquarters. I'm sure someone there will give you more informaion on this annual event. You really should check it out at least once in your life!

Delaware Tribe

Here's more info on the event!


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