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Retro Days: past meets present in September Martha's Task event

Posted: September 07, 2018


Martha’s Task is going retro in September with a fun week-long celebration where things that were old are new again.

Martha’s Task seamstresses and instructors have been researching and making aprons from patterns of old using treasured designs of the past thatserved those generations well. Some of Martha’s Task most popular merchandise is being sewn in retro themed fabric as well as bringing a sense of nostalgia customers are sure to love. Step back in time and join the fun Sept. 24-28 when Martha’s Task celebrates Retro Days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily at 718 S. Johnstone Ave. with fabulous merchandise, refreshments and door prizes.

"We are so excited about this grand adventure upon which we have embarked," Martha’s Task Executive Director Laura Walton said. "It has been such fun for our seamstresses to look through books of aprons and sewing projects from generations past, to research patterns and pull out the rick rack and bottons to make them come to life for today’s shoppers." 

Aprons have been a part of both industry and home through the decades playing diverse roles from a helpful tool belt to a frilly hostess accessory. Martha’s Task customers often take a trip down memory lane when they see the aprons stitched by local seamstresses and remember cherished times through the year in which they recall those worn by grandmothers, moms, dads or themselves.

"We look forward to hearing even more of those stories of apron memories and possibly collecting stories from those people who want to share as part of our retro celebration," Walton said.

Nostalgia is going strong in the sewing room at Martha’s Task now as seamstresses have worked on coloring bags in Peanuts, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh fabric with matching coloring books. Cartoon super heroes and princesses are also part of the mix. Additionally seamstresses have worked on popcorn bags in fabric with some favorite movie characters from through the years.

"There has been so much for us to learn and do as we look at the potential of old fashioned patterns and projects that we knew this was not a one day event," Walton said. "We plan to display lots of fun items, have coloring sheets for kids and just generally have a wonderful time stepping back into the past. We know our Martha’s Task regulars and new supporters are going to enjoy this as much as we are."

Retro Days: past meets present in September Martha's Task event  News Photo - Bartlesville, Oklahoma