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Image representing the Results are In: OKM Especially for Kids 2023 Keeps the Magic Alive blog post

Results are In: OKM Especially for Kids 2023 Keeps the Magic Alive

OKM’s “Especially for Kids Festival” was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! An OKM Patron said, “It was the perfect summer event!”

The events kicked off with the Muskogee Experience at Sunfest. Heaven and Mike Pahsetopah, two member s of the Muskogee tribe, introduced kids to the beautiful dancing and culture of Muskogee Nation. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company donated hundreds of hoola hoops so that each kid could take a souvenir along with wrist bells home to practice their dance skills.

Next, the kids had a “jolly holiday” at the Mary Poppins Tea Party. Kids learned etiquette while eating delicious pastries from Melody’s Cuisine and listened to live harp playing by Lorelei Barton Everyone took home a book, kite, hat, toy horse, chalk, sweets, and more so the fun could continue at home. Mary Poppins, Bert, bankers, and penguins all made appearances and entertained the kids in a “practically perfect” way!

On Sunday, young patrons enjoyed an exciting ar t and music immersion experience where music create d colors and art made sounds at the local Boots and Brushes. They learned about the famous abstract painter Vasya Kandinsky and impressionism. Children immediately applied what they learned to their crea tive paintings. From finger painting to Van Gogh miniatures, imagination flew around the room like the colors did in the book they read, “The Noisy Paint Box”. Each little artist took home their masterpiece and a new understanding of art and music.

That night, families enjoyed music and fun from the comfort of their own homes. During Boogie Bingo, families laughed, danced, and spent quality time together while playing bingo to fun songs on the Bartlesville Radio KYFM Station (100 FM). Our lucky winners won board games, popcorn, and tickets to sports and entertainment events to create even more family memories.

The next few days, OKM Music was packed with story-times events at the Bartlesville Public Library. Kids laughed at zoo animal shenanigans in “Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo”. Later, they listened to music through vibrations by touching a balloon and learned sign language as “Moses Goes to a Concert” was interpreted into American Sign Language in our hearing impaired showcase event. Children played with and took home triangles after seeing the wide range of instruments in “88 Instruments”. Each child received a violin that they got to keep and learn introductory techniques during “Meet the Orchestra” and “The Bear, the Piano, the Dog, and the Fiddle”. Every kid received a book at each story time.

In Tulsa and Bartlesville, the wonderful Stone Lion Puppets presented “Toy Box” and “It’s a Jungle Out There”. Stuffed bears, dancing rabbits, jack-in-the–boxes, swinging sock-monkeys, space aliens, and more danced across the stage and played tricks in the audience. Each child brought home a finger puppet to put on their own show masterpieces at home.

Music flooded Ambler Hall at Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars on Wednesday and Live Diva Karaoke on Thursday. Students of Lesa Steele’s Music Studio were mini Mozarts as they sang and played songs ranging from classical masters to Broadway contemporaries. Kids were mini music divas at the Center during Live Diva Karaoke. They sang their heart out on their individual karaoke microphone, which, OKM Music gifted them and learned dance routines.

OKM Music closed the 2023 “Especially for Kids Program” with the magic of magician Jim Green. Everyone had a great “Time for Magic” as Jim brought kids on stage to assist him in his tricks and made each child a unique gift. No one knows how Jim Green did all the acts in his show, but we do know that it was a magical way to end “Especially for Kids Festival.”

OKM Music gives a special shout out to Revo Financials and John Nettles for their support of the Kids’ Passport. At every event, kids eagerly got their Kids’ Passport stamped and entered into multiple complementary drawings. A handful of lucky kids won prizes ranging from piano mats to giant penguin stuffed animals to smart watches to the grand prize, a mouse dollhouse. The greatest prize of all was seeing the kids light up and learn so much about music, culture, and the arts.

OKM Music is proud of our mission to ensure access to music, arts, and culture education and experiences to all in the community but especially to our youth. We could not have provided such expansive programing without the help of Diversified Systems Resources, Truity, the Oklahoma Arts Council, Visit Bartlesville, the Jane Phillips Society, and our Patrons. Visit our website or call our office at 918-336-9900 to learn more about and support our mission and events. We hope to see you next year at the 2024 OKM Music Festival’s “Especially for Kids Program!”


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