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Find yourself in Bartlesville - and find some buffalo too!

When people think of Oklahoma they often conjure up images of Native American heritage, the historic American West and the beautiful and majestic American Bison. Often called buffalo around these parts, a visit to Bartlesville promises hundreds of these roaming animals - both real and as beautiful artwork!

If you’re looking for American bison roaming the Oklahoma prairie check out Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve. The herd is often seen as you enter the ranch slowly making their way to take a rest in the shade or munch on some grass. After enjoying the Woolaroc museum, visitors can also make their way over to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve outside of Pawhuska. With over 39 thousand acres and over 2500 free ranging bison, the preserve is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful Osage hills....  Read more...

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