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Crossroads Go Kart Track

2201 SE Adams Blvd

Crossroads was originally built in 1959 as a dirt track with hay bales as barriers around the track. The asphalt track was laid in 1962. The track is thought to be one of the oldest continuously running track in the US and it is still going strong. Back in the 50's it was all the rage to take your family to the go-kart track and that has not lost momentum throughout the decades. Many parents from Bartlesville & outlying areas have brought their children to Crossroads so they can get their first experience behind the wheel.

Come visit Crossroads! We can schedule birthday parties and special events all year long. Be sure to check for ongoing promotions! This is the perfect place to bring your family together for a little completition & fun!

Image of Crossroads Go Kart Track.
Crossroads Go Kart Track
2201 SE Adams Blvd,
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Adams Blvd & Silverlake Rd
Phone: 918-335-1848
Website: http://www.crossroads-go-karts.com
Hours: Mon - Fri 5 pm to ?
Sat 1 pm to ?
Sun 1 pm to ?