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Happy Holidays - and check out these light displays!

With Christmas quickly approaching, we thought we'd share this fun list of holiday light shows in Oklahoma. Special thanks to blt - the blog for lifestyle and travel for putting this list together. 

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays - Enjoy the Season! 

28 Christmas Light Shows to Make Your Holidays Bright!

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Guest post - OKTravelFamily

We love visitors and special guests OK Travel Family had a great time visiting Bartlesville last month. 

Check out their blog here and read about their Bartlesville adventures - Good Times Were Had!

Thanks so much and enjoy the journey! 

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Local Lists: Things to Do this Summer

Special thanks to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise for sharing this great new feature from their paper. How many of these have you done this summer? Visit #Bartlesville and find out more! 

Local Lists: Things to Do this Summer!

As always, enjoy the journey!

Please call us at the Bartlesville Convention & Visitors Bureau if there's anything we can do to help you plan your trip to Bartlesville, Dewey and the surrounding area!...  Read more...

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Guest Post - The #Bartlesville 411 - Getting the info you need about Bartlesville.

Here's another guest post from one of our fantastic Bartlesville blog/vlog/social media influencers. This is a great video to give you more info about where to get all kinds of information about Bartlesville. 

You can check out The Scott and Jay Show on YouTube - for a lot of information (they say useless, we say variety!)


The #Bartlesville 411 - Getting the info you need about Bartlesville


Subscribe to the Scott and Jay Show here. You'll be mildly amused - guaranteed!...  Read more...

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Kiddie Park: It'll "take ya home"

Guest Blog Post by Amanda Vaclaw from Eve's Charming Garden

Bartlesville Kiddie Park (stock photo)

Bon Jovi asks "Who says you can't go home?"

My Papa says, "I'll take ya home!"

Have you seen the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out yet?...  Read more...

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Rediscovering Bartlesville! Happy #TravelTuesday!

The following is a piece written by one of our board members. We loved hearing her story and asked her to write something we could share on our website. Enjoy! 

How I Rediscovered Bartlesville – Amy Borg, May 23, 2015

My sisters told me that they would like to spend some time in Bartlesville on their way back to Seattle after living in Luxembourg for 3 years. Of course I said yes, and that I would love to see them. Then they told me they would really like to SEE Bartlesville. Oh my. That was different than hanging around the house, doing 1000-piece puzzles....  Read more...

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